Imagining a New Reality

Take some time today to stretch beyond your reality to the place where your dreams live. Dwell there long enough to ask yourself “What if….?” Then use your logic to create a path from “what if” to “when.”
Have a great day, and enjoy the journey.

About Stacy Hawkins Adams

I'm an author, columnist and speaker who believes that as we find the courage to live authentically rather than just exist, the joy and contentment most of us long for can be ours. My eight women's fiction novels highlight themes of personal growth, journeys of faith and true-to-life issues that many of us grapple with in our individual pursuits of a "Life Untapped." Most books also feature characters that teen readers seem to love. As I share inspirational quotes, excerpts from my books and other musings on this blog, I hope you'll be encouraged to dream bigger, stretch further than feels comfortable, and embrace your unique ability to impact the world. Along the way, never stop believing that you're worth the effort, because without a doubt, you are!
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