Wisdom for Wednesday…

Miracles manifest when we truly believe!


About Stacy Hawkins Adams

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a nationally published author who loves chocolate, children (mine and others), funny movies, family and friends, naps, reading, writing and God. I'm also deeply optimistic, and am convinced that as we find the courage to live beyond our fears, our lives will manifest the significance and joy most of us long for. My women's fiction novels feature contemporary characters and highlight themes related to personal growth, women's friendships, self-esteem, forgiveness, unconditional love and encounters with faith - the same issues many of us grapple with in our pursuit of a "Life Untapped." Most of my novels also feature teen characters that engage young adult readers. As I share inspirational quotes, excerpts from my books and other food for thought on this blog, I hope you'll be encouraged to dream again or to dream bigger, stretch further than feels comfortable, and embrace your unique ability to impact the world. Along the way, don't stop smiling, dancing or believing that you're worth the effort, because right where you are, you can make a difference.
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